Pudding Keycaps

Pudding Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard

Rp 240.000

Color: Milky White + Black Material: PBT Caps Amount: 104pcs Profile: OEM Profile Features: Double-skin milk two-layer design, top is black and bottom is mikly white, and supports light shining through. Caps color depends on your keyboard’s backlit, funny and stylish. PBT texture, a little grainy feeling, not easy to shine as ABS material. Compatible...

SteelSeries Prismcaps

Rp 460.000

PRISMCAPS Universal Double Shot PBT Keycaps Engineered with extremely durable PBT material that stays consistent in texture, clarity, and appearance after heavy use Enhanced lighting displays brilliant pudding-style RGB illumination through a specially engineered double shot design with translucent sides and letters Includes a keycap puller and two additional sets of alternate bottom row keycaps...